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Over the years we have executed many heavy lift operations throughout Asia. Yew Choon Pte. Ltd. supplies more then just a crane. We can deliver a total package of Rigging, Lifting and Project Management / Engineering.
     Yew Choon’s experienced project managers make sure that the job is executed on schedule and according to clients' local safety standards.

Crawler Cranes
     Crawler cranes will be assembled at the jobsite. It is possible to travel with the crane over short distances. Because of their caterpillar tracks they are perfect for rough terrain. Crawler cranes are able to lift a load and travel with the load in the hook. (pick-and-carry). We have a variety of Crawler Cranes ranging from 50 Tons up to 750 Tons.

Mobile Cranes
     Mobile cranes are flexible and fast to commision. Once the crane is in position, the outriggers will be extended and the crane will stand fully on the outriggers. The wheels will be slightly above the ground. The telescopic boom can instantly reconfigure from a short boom with high capacity, to a long boom with a lower capacity.

Lorry Cranes
     These cranes are highly mobile, it is possible to transport the cargo on the lorry and discharge the cargo onto its foundation inside a building. The max capacity of our lorry cranes are 175 metric tons.



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