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Health & Safety Policy

     With the worldwide emphasis on safety, many major customers are screaming out for reliable lifts and transport specialists that commit themselves to complying with the global safety standards. Our professionalism sets the foundation and strongly roots our respect and emphasis towards safety standards. To us, professionalism is not only the technical completion of a job but also giving 100% attention to safety and the environment and compliance with the applicable rules and instrument from start to finish.

     As we seek the highest safety standard, appertaining in the industry, we expect full commitment from all personnel. The reason for insisting full support from the personnel is very simple: at the end of the day, we want our staffs to understand that the most important aspect of safety is that they must work safely for their own sake.

     The Health & Safety policy at Yew Choon is directed towards:
  1. Preventing and minimizing sufferings and injuries in both physical and psychological sense;
  2. Preventing and minimizing material damages;
  3. Controlling the risks associated with the working methods;
     Knowing the regulations, that of both the clients and Yew Choon Pte Ltd.

     More than 15 years following the implementation of the Health & Safety policy at Yew Choon, we are proud to announce that all our personnels meet all the safety standards of MOM WSH regulations and the safety standards set by our clients.
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