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Company History

     Yew Choon was setup in Singapore in the year 1971. The Company started its operations with a fleet of 4 lorries. In 21 February 1975, the company was incorporated as a private limited company under the name of "Yew Choon Pte Ltd".

     Year 1975 proved to be a key milestone for the company, Yew Choon tendered and was awarded a contract by Singapore Ministry of Defense, a job which involved the transport of tanks weighing up to 60 tons, a considerable weight at that time. This contract provided the impetus for the company to make its entrance into the heavy haulage industry in Singapore. To meet the added demands of the job, the company embarked on its expansion program with the purchase of its first heavy-duty low loader.

     In year 1978, the company was again successful in its bid and was awarded a contract by Singapore PUB. The job scope of this project was to shift all heavy equipments within Singapore.

     Although the company was awarded other project jobs, its main activity was to transport transformers. As the transformers progressively became bigger and heavier, the company purchased its first set of hydraulic trailers from Europe in year 1979 to gear itself for the challenges of a new era.

     Apart from the expansion of its equipment, the company also built up and maintained a very strong working relationship with PUB, its contractors and other commercial customers, a rapport that has only grown from strength to strength as the years went by.

     In year 1979, the company set out to provide its services regionally and was awarded various jobs outside Singapore. The company's job scope in these projects was to participate in transporting of heavylift equipments for:

  • Power Plant Projects
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Petrol-Chemical Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Cement Plants, and
  • Paper Mills
     For above projects, it was not always possible to transport the heavylift cargoes from the port of discharge to the respective sites by road, the Company bought the first barge and tug in 1990 in order to provide total transport services to its customers. To complement its heavy haulage transport, in 1991 the company expanded its services to include installation and positioning services for placement of the heavylift cargoes onto their respective foundations at the site.

     Today, Yew Choon Pte. Ltd. is the proud owner of:
  • Barges and tugs
  • Hydraulic trailers, including self- propelled trailer
  • Cranes - truck cranes and crawler cranes capacity ranging from 50 to 750 Tons
  • Lorry cranes
  • Jacking and skidding equipment with a capacity of 3000 Tons
  • Storage and jetty facilities
  • Weighing systems with capacity of max. 4000 tons
  • Gantry system with capacity of max. 2600 tons
     The company's professional and dedicated team is ready to work anywhere in the world. Utmost in the company's priority is the satisfaction of the customer's needs. This can only be achieved through the professional manner in which the works are undertaken on the customer's behalf. The company is very proud of its impeccable record of customer satisfaction for every job it has undertaken. This is testified by the recognition and compliments received from our customers at the end of another successful project.

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